Letra de Jury

Letra de Jury

Artista, Becky G

Oh, they tell me Becky, Becky ya betta hurry
The public out here waitin' for records like they're the jury
Okay, I'm bout to drop it, drop it
If ya don't like it ya can hate it
But nobody's been more patient than me, so now I'm done waitin'
I'm takin' the fate of my own into my own hands
Started rappin' on Notice and now I'm noticin' fans
Tellin' me that they love it, love it, they want more of it
Droppin' a fat beat and I'm puttin' vocals above it
Notice isn't the mix, notice isn't the album
This is just somethin' to show people I'm about it
Notice isn't the single I just went and I mixed it
I just want ya to go and tell yo peoples to peep it
Now I'm sleepin' on planes more than I'm sleepin' at home
Tryna remember what it's like to be alone
And all I wanna do is meet up with every fan
And tell them to they face how they put it in my hand
With that I am still strugglin'
I ain't sayin' I'm ballin' but I'm bumpin' in the studio
Cooking preheat the oven cuz I'm comin'
I'm runnin' I'm stayin' hungry like I ain't eaten in hours
Got these people singin' in they showers
All I'm doin' is murkin', signing my name in cursive
Walkin' through Inglewood pulling verses out my purses
Hot as my mama is, short as the comma is
Makin' my name known just like Obama did
Started with 2 fans, I'm up in these news stands
Trippin' off how I'm gettin' free sneakers from shoe brands
People just want to hate, isn't that so funny
So much time spent doin' somethin' for no money

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