Letra de Turn The Music Up

Letra de Turn The Music Up

Artista, Becky G

Yeah, Latinos
I can go all around the world
But there’s no place like where you come from
C’mon, Yeah
Mic check one two baby
Fresh off the blizzy, New Adidas track suit
White, green, and red stripes
I might get a tattoo
I’m so Mejico, No pavement
Dirt roads I walked those and I finally made it
This is for my grandfather who came
Without a penny now I’m rapin ‘bout my shoe game
Let me check myself, everybody need that
Grandma listen to my records but she doesn’t speak that
I’ve seen poverty, I know how it feels
To change the life of a kid with some big wheels
Just like Santa Claus, In Jalisco
Givin presents to these kid-no tree though
I do it for my roots, and I ain’t talkin hair
Can’t drive into the USA so we walkin there
I love my heritage, I’m so irrelevant
New Vicente Fernandez I’m blarin it
Estephan Lopez, George and Jenifer
I’m so focused
I speak it fluently, I might rap in it
Until then, Ha
It’s a wrap ain’t it

Owww, Yeah
It just feels good
Turn that music up
It just feels good
Turn that music up baby
It just feels good
Asi, Asi – C’mon Hahahaa

And now my family live in Inglewood, there’s a whole block of us
I signed my deal and took the doc to a taco truck
That’s just who I am, Viva Vismo
I’m on TV now, Telemundo!
See my dad’s daddy work his finger to the bone
For less than I made and so I’m bringin that home
Never goin broke again, we lived that
Dollar menu dinners for my family won’t miss that
And when I touch down, to the motherland
If I can’t cry cuz I’m happy that my mother can
So I pay my respect to the fallen ones
Selena was a star, Can’t believe they call me one
Channel Pancho Villa Wen, I'm tryna conquer
I know we saw the white light, you is blanca
I’d rather die on my feet in this battle ground
Then live one day on my knees, How that sound?
I’m bringin everything I know to the masses
Tequila shots, Raise your glasses
Not for me, though, a bag full of Fanta
Light a candle on the window sill for the Hanta

Owwww, Yeah, C’mon
It just feels good
Turn that music up
It just feels good
Turn that music up baby
It just feels good
Asi, Asi, C’mon, C’mon
Becky Becky Becky G
Latinos stand up

Turn The Music Up
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