Letra de Solo

Letra de Solo

Artista, The Story So Far

When you’re up north the ice is slick like my voice
She’s like “I never left you, this was all your choice”
I can’t doubt it now I might lose all my poise
When I mislead you on purpose and fade into the void

Feeling indigo
How ‘bout you?
I feel indigo

And I wish you’d just call, and we could hash it out
I could tell you what I’m so mad about
Bet you’re sick of hearing me sulk and pout
Had so much on my mind ‘til now
Like when we gonna do this, the where and how
And if I see you am I gonna curse you out
Is it enough that I’m up right now?
Does it anger you that I chose a different route?

Cause I’m sick of hearing that I’m late
Tired of having to restate “I can’t just sit around
And wait, you’re just not someone I can date”
Now look who can’t hold their weight
I hope I’m wrong just for your sake
Using pills and flowers to sedate
Find me heal me keep my faith

You have to know every place I go
That feeling stuck that I offered trust and it left me solo
And if I haven’t grown from every face I’ve known,
Is it all for not? Is that food for thought?
There’s things you don’t know
I feel indigo, you’ve got what I need
I’m indigo, you’ve got what I need
You’re not what I need

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